Rough Proposals (rp19)
27. – 30.06.19

Performance festival by and with students of Choreography and Performance, Gießen:
Rodrigo Andreolli, Lena Appel, Bárbara Carvalho, Nina DeLudemann, Luis Garay, Sveta Grigorjeva, Li Lorian, Anneliese Ostertag, Lucas Prado, Carina Premer, Cássio Diniz Santiago, Johanne Schröder, Nikolas Stäudte, Amina Szecsödy, Gry Tingskog,
Lee Mun Wai, Diana De Fex, Oswaldo Mogollón
Sticky fingers in a hot pile of mud – getting your hands dirty. Other things grow here. You touch them because their textures allure you. Soaked with earthy scents your hands are wet now. They slide along systems of roots: a web: a thread: a link. You click on it.
A virus has no shape on its own. No self-sufficiency. Can’t grow. It hijacks to reproduce - a system takeover. Material collapsing into 0 and 1, breaking bodies down. Thrusting itself forward the virus plants the haunted, the hacked, the hybrid. It binds through contamination, infiltrates to infect – to affect.
rp19 is meshed in a decade of sediments. Leaking, unfinished, rough – they seep into this year’s edition: mutations taking over the tower.

Syntrophic Escape_


Video Games




echoes of you(s)

gardening histories

Mere Wool Bal.l

Soap Opera
Dance Production

Untitled (work in progress)

Several More Strategies


special thanks to: Vanina Scolavino, ...

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60316 Frankfurt a.M.

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