*gardening histories*

This is family outing and an archeological walk. There will be weighing, digging, touching and (re)digesting of histories, secrets and bodies that need to be remembered to be forgotten to be remembered. A permeable history through the roots and leaves and trunks and flowers and soil. Joined by unexpected guests from the ex-future we develop a gardening practice to help us imagine what that post colonial past might have been like.

(Audio-walk outdoors)
Concept and performance: Diana De Fex
Collaborators, voices: Alice Nogueira, Oswaldo Mogollón
Coproduced by: Hain / Kapsner / Mahlow / Romanowski and Felipe Boquimpani/
Bárbara Galego
Thanks to Jil Dreyer, Josef Mehling, Martina Ruhsam, Bojana Kunst

Artist’s Bio

Diana De Fex holds a degree in Archeology from the Silent University. She doesn’t believe in work but spends all her free time as a gardener of histories (with lower case).
Born in three hundred and fourteen A.C. (after capitalism colonialism) in Terravy.
thu June 27th 17-18h/19:30-20:30
fri June 28th 19-20h
sun June 30th 18-19h