Gossip describes a casual or unconstrained conversation, typically involving details and stories which might not be true. Someone said, the history of performance is a history of gossip. Another one went even further, saying history itself is nothing but a bunch of gossips.

ɡɒsɪp is an open source writing, a chat forum accompanying the festival. Online and offline, it invites the audience to lay open their whispers and secrets, to spread rumors and fictions. If you type in
on your device you enter a collective chat that becomes, or is already, messy and anarchical.
you can read, write and comment anonymously; you can give yourself a nickname, a persona obscura, if you like. cryptpad is quite self-explanatory but if you need help don’t hesitate to speak to us; we are around.

Facilitated by Rodrigo Andreolli, Anneliese Ostertag, Gry Tingskog
open doors

thu June 27th 16:30-22:30h
fri June 28th 15:30-22:30h
sat June 29th 17-23h