Sweat it Out

Thirty-minute sonic vibration in a room to experiment on kinetic sensations, wonder about frequencies and observe chemical alterations of the body-space = dance

proposed by Rodrigo Andreolli and supported by Luis Garay, Li Lorian, Anneliese Ostertag, Carina Premer, Amina Szecsödy, Gry Tingskog
Rodrigo Andreolli transits through the performing arts, especially interested in researching the body as an element for sensitive activation of the visible and invisible layers of the public matter. He acts elaborating production structures in multidisciplinary art projects. He has worked with Brazilian Theater Company Teatro Oficina, with Cristian Duarte, Paz Rojo, Marcelo Evelin and Carolina Mendonça. Rodrigo has created the solo piece cutout (2012 – Residência Funarte Outras Danças); the duet "A/R", in collaboration with Brazilian artist Raissa Ralola (2013/2014 – Prêmio Funarte Klauss Vianna); the performance "Attempt at exhausting [a point of view]" (2013 – São Paulo); the publication "Index for listening", with Clarissa Sacchelli (2014- Centro Cultural São Paulo). Andreolli was part of the research project Terreyro Coreográfico, framing actions on public spaces to study the crossings of choreography, architecture and digital programming in São Paulo. He received the scholarship Danceweb 2015 program at Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival and was selected for Capacete Athens 2017 residency program, during Documenta 14. He is currently a master candidate for choreography and performance CUP - ATW at JLU-GIßEN.