*Syntrophic Escape_*

I am sitting on a chair in front of a table filled with books, files, computers, microphones, headphones, wires and table lights. I am reading a text about silence and at the same time I hear the voices and sounds of people rushing around the hall where I am sat. Outside, on the street, someone is pushing a garbage container through the roughness of the sidewalk, while a child seems to have an exciting interaction with a dog; the child laughs, the dog barks. Cars are passing by, some near, some far. An airplane crosses the sky and I hear you call my name. You just entered the door, I lift my eyes from the pages and invite you sit by my side. I have been here though I have been away. Would you come with me? You take a book on your hands, you read a paragraph out of chance, it says the word "entanglement". The sound of your voice disturbing the quietness of the air, as vibrational waves travelling through space, touches me. I read from another file. It says the word "syntrophy" - What does it mean? - I am not sure… google it:

Syntrophy is a cross-feeding process in which the development of one partner depends on the nutrients and substrate provided by the other in order to improve and grow. A metabolism based on critical interdependency between producers and consumers.

Syntrophic Escape will be an on-going sound experimentation mixing textures with referential concepts, conversations, lectures, readings, silences and heterogeneous sorts of audio material emerging through the period of Rough Proposals 2019. It will be accessible as an online radio program and as an onspot soundscape at the festival venue. [yo-wasser] We are a syntrophic mixed culture struggling in between pulses of overproduction, composition and dissolution.
Rodrigo Andreolli transits through the performing arts, especially interested in researching the body as an element for sensitive activation of the visible and invisible layers of the public matter. He acts elaborating production structures in multidisciplinary art projects. He has worked with Brazilian Theater Company Teatro Oficina, with Cristian Duarte, Paz Rojo, Marcelo Evelin and Carolina Mendonça. Rodrigo has created the solo piece cutout (2012 – Residência Funarte Outras Danças); the duet "A/R", in collaboration with Brazilian artist Raissa Ralola (2013/2014 – Prêmio Funarte Klauss Vianna); the performance "Attempt at exhausting [a point of view]" (2013 – São Paulo); the publication "Index for listening", with Clarissa Sacchelli (2014- Centro Cultural São Paulo). Andreolli was part of the research project Terreyro Coreográfico, framing actions on public spaces to study the crossings of choreography, architecture and digital programming in São Paulo. He received the scholarship Danceweb 2015 program at Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival and was selected for Capacete Athens 2017 residency program, during Documenta 14. He is currently a master candidate for choreography and performance CUP - ATW at JLU-GIßEN.
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