*echoes of you(s)*

it begins by coming back: falling into a state in-between sleep and wakefulness, we no longer sort time. a loop of delays, blurring our sense of temporality. our body unfolds an architecture of absence, bridging tenses. we move to remain intimate with the absence. and so, we disappeared
into the darkness for a while. you remember that one time
each other. the trace you left would make a heap of wet matter. we close in, as

echoes of you(s) is a collective drift, a temporary suspension of location. it moves inside multi-layered temporalities and durations. patterns erode away, leaving tenuous traces; they make tunnels across time
With and by
Amina Szecsödy and Gry Tingskog
Concept, choreography and sculptures by
Gry Tingskog
Big thank you to Todor Stoyanov, Rodrigo Andreolli, Carina Premer, Carlos Franke and Zrinka Užbinec
Gry Tingskog is working with choreography together with dance, sculpture, painting and text, weaving together threads of performance and installation. She is currently active with the works Cheating Discipline and Other Artistic Affairs and I Object! She is based in-between Stockholm and Gießen, where she studies a MA in Choreography and Performance. As a performer, Gry has performed in pieces by, among others Halla Ólafsdóttir and Eliisa Erävalo, Isabelle Schad, Ellen Söderhult, Chloe Chignell, Benoît Lachambre and Trisha Brown Dance Company. She is a co-initiator and board member of INSISTER SPACE, a choreographic initiative proposing collegial structures and context for freelance artists. She was also part of founding höjden, a transdisciplinary work space for artists and cultural workers in Östberga, Stockholm.

Amina Szecsödy’s work is situated within the performing arts field, in acting and performing. Her practice combines an interest in the imaginative power of language, sculptural storytelling, theatre and bodily work. Amina studied conceptual performing arts at Malmö Theatre Academy and is currently studying Applied Theatre Studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität. She is since 2017 a member of the Stockholm based artist-collective and mobile cultural platform Coyote and has previously worked with Aron Skoog, Gry Tingskog and Myriam Lefkowitz, among others.
(times falling inside you, around you, through you)
(times falling)
moves closer. it doesn’t scare us to think about an end
not knowing if the
is a distance we’re willing to take
the vague reverberates – the echo remembers
(and again)
(i think i’m adrift inside them)
moving slowly inside
the darkness
absence of scare
fri June 28th 18-19h
sat June 29th 20-21h