*Ink ā€“ ā€˜Iā€™ like leaking*

I repeat the same word: world. I am the liquid between the point of departure and destination. Pouring in-between bodies, leaking from their structure into the next. As I became less sure what came from one, what came from the other, or even from someone else, I would become clearer about what it is to write.
Here: porous text, a pause. It does no longer belong to anyone but has its own direction leaking somewhere else, drawing its own coordinates while going.
Ink is a durational re-reading and re-writing, a materialisation of texts. It is a wet endeavour for words to meet bodies, for bodies to meet worlds. Five bodies and five voices are writing a text together, reading together, leaking together. And now maybe more than five. Maybe you were one of them. Beware that if you let a text pass through your body, there is a risk of flooding, seeping, pouring, leaking, dripping, splashing, spilling. There is a risk of rocks, a risk of weighted thoughts, of solid cruising.
Collaboration between Diana De Fex, Nastya Dzyuban, Li Lorian,
Anneliese Ostertag and Gry Tingskog
sat June 29th 17-23h
sun June 30th 15-20h